Top 10 MR Reporting Software for Pharma Industries

Hospital and Hospital managerial tools became essential services in the recent era; so as the MR Reporting Software that especially works in Pharma Industries.

MR Reporting software is CRM/SFA solutions suitable for the pharmaceutical industrial sectors. Basically territory-wise pyramid based real-time system that works 24*7, it automatically records all the relevant data and information at each and every stage in the entire pharmaceutical cycle.

Why To Implement MR Reporting software:-

MR Reporting Softwares helps in show-casing user friendly interface, saves-up cost along with Time and paper. Pharma sales force automation software comes up with a GPS enabled tracker.   

MR Report’s softwares automatically ensure smooth functioning of workflow which enhances the daily set of activities in a more productive manner. Thus, the demand and supply relation being increased in Pharma Industries and utilizes the available software solutions such as Sales force Automation software, Customer relationship management, MR Reporting software, Pharma Sales force automation software, etc.

Now, as many reporting softwares are available in the Pharma market and relying upon the best suited one that furnishes all your business demands is actually a tedious task to accomplish. Let’s make this process quite peaceful for you guys, we have catered out a list of best MR reporting softwares that has been used in Pharma industries since decades and brings up the valuarable outcomes. Take a glance at it;

List of top 10 MR reporting Software are:

1 . CBO Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

CBO Info tech Pvt Ltd ensures the pharmaceutical companies that adequately equipped manage each and every aspect of their business from beginning till the end.

CBO Infotech provides a robust as well as effective software for the pharmaceutical industry, MR Reporting software assists pharmaceutical firms in order to control important aspects of their business ranging to the essential services

2 . E-Techs MR Reporting Software

MR Reporting is one of the renowned online Pharmaceutical Sales Force Automation(SFA) software solutions that are perfectly suited for the Pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing industry.

E-Techs MR Reporting software offers dedicated cloud based pharmaceutical CRM solutions that increases sales force effectiveness by over 30 percent. Moreover, Pharma Sales Automation plays a vital role in building a devoted relationship of the company with the doctors and Chemists.

3 . Sales Force Tracking System

Sales Force tracking software developed with the objective of monitoring employees working hours, travelled distance, reimbursement calculation, etc.

Salesforce tracking system supports hidden business benefits such as Timesheet management, distance calculator, location tracking, reimbursement calculation, and scheduling appointment.

4 . Salestrip SFA

Salestrip SFA increases the productivity that empowers the business, it is simple, intuitive, and powerful applications for managing the field reporting work effortlessly.

SalesTrip SFA(Sales force Automation) offers comprehensive Sales Force Automation and efficacy specially designed to automate the entire execution, management and monitoring of the sales and marketing activities for delivering meaningful insights that allows for making more calls, selling more products, and kicking off the fascinating outcomes.

5 . FiDzeal

FiDzeal is one kind of complete CRM solution for small and medium businesses. FiDzeal offers an efficient source of energy of connectivity, complex events process with analysis for streamlining received request and distribution.

FiDzeal’s primary features are CRM & Sales Dashboards, Sales reports, CRM Analytics, Documentation management, Expenses Management, Marketing Analytics, Marketing Automation, opportunity management, and sales tracking.

6 . Visual Doctor

Visual Doctor is engaged in more Health Care solutions services, and provides doctors a very simple and most powerful interface with the patients through the computer.

Visual Doctor is generally a computerizer, a one time process where implementation and after sales is a vital process. They believe in utilizing their rich experiences, and expertise in the field of healthcare software solutions especially for the digitalization of healthcare industries that will benefit doctors, hospital, pharmacy, and patients.


SAN SFE is a team of Top-Notch technical experts who have the ability to build and configure online sales force effectiveness abbreviated as SFE services to collaborate the sales team’s actual requirements.

SAN Salesforce effectiveness team’s strong technical background and years of experiences that helps them to drive innovation and proactiveness for developing comprehensive and end to end sales force effectiveness “SFE” services. SAN believes in nurturing a healthy as well as productive environment for delivering better outcomes.

8 . E-Techs MR Reporting Software

E-Techs MR reporting software is a leading online pharmaceutical sales Force Automation solution, design, developed and marketed by E-Tech Group.

E-Techs MR Reporting has gained immense popularity and appreciation of the pharmaceutical industry, whereas E-Tech services offers groundbreaking software solutions for more than 15 years from now Globally.

9 . Marg MR Reporting Software

Marg MR Reporting Software that manages, and handles field activity of the organization, monitors call reports of field staff, daily working analysis, Edetailing, Stock and sales management, and users live tracking through GPS.

Marg’s MR Reporting Software offers well organized set of features of sales analysis on Google Map, Auto-cloud backup, Data Security, Daily Call Reports(DCR), Doctor management, Chemist Orders, Expense control, Sample OR Gift controls, Order calling, E-invoicing, and E-way billing.

10 . Ammras

Ammras offers an innovative MR Reporting tool that build-up team’s strength and allows focus on what really matters.

Ammras makes use of data, extraction on relevant and valuable data at the time of the decision making process and represents those data before fielding up your team’s force. They tend to pivot on simplicity and usability that makes the team focus on selling the effective utilization of time for building up a strong relationship with the clients for generating more revenue. 

In Nutshell, making real time use of MR reporting softwares will ease up your business operations and helps you for identifying the loopholes in the system, whereas Pharma Sales force automation ended up the centre concern that offers genuine assistance in order to generate the desired capital.

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