Top 7 Most Affordable Restaurant Management Software

In this competitive edge, it’s advisable to rely upon software on which hoteliers have to contend with the daily grind for running their business.  

There are many processes involved for managing a restaurant, and if that process furnishes smoothly then eventually the flow of an enterprise will increase the profits, and be beneficial for them.

So are you more bang on spending more bugs yet unable to tailor the desired outcome.

 Herein, Best restaurant software assists you to save extra expenditures along with streamlining the business process for high-yielding results.  

As a plethora of software avails in the market and selecting the restaurant POS systems for heading up the hotel, its revenue cycles are indeed vital to consider. 

But That’s Alright!! And you know the reason is: – we have catered a list of software for restaurants for hospitality management that combines numbers of users, guest users, customers, and social platforms based on their popularities. This is a time to take an insightful look at it:

1. SlickPOS

SlickPOS is software management tool that actually manages the entire business like a pro; it offers simplicity and speed on a priority. With the help of SlickPOS you would be able to control business from anywhere. You can easily analyze apps, track sales, products, and customer metrics in a real-time way.

Integration at its ease, yes you’re hearing it rightly. It offers easy integration with online ordering channels like Zomato, and Swiggy for managing orders from the POS.

2. Torqus POS

Torqus POS is one of the best management software that takes comprehensive care of all the front-end activities. It streamlines the business process along with enabling evaluation for every branch by generating numerous reports.

Torqus POS is all in one solution, it vanishes the traditional methods of accounting for every transaction that is made in real time and leads to taxations stuff. Torqus Restaurant POS easily clubbed with innovative programming with the smart and interactive User interface. 

3. Poster POS

Poster POS manages the sales and inventory, finance, and analytics with its feature rich software approach; especially in Android and iPhone mobile applications. 

Poster POS is fast, reliable, and functional app which has better UI/UX. It takes orders, monitors sales, and controls the entire restaurant with less hassle. 

4. Petpooja

Petpooja is one of the best restaurant software which helps in optimizing entire restaurant operations and other managerial procedures. It offers software that manages and streamlines vital aspects of the restaurants initiating from billing to inventory, online orders to kiosk, and robots. 

Petpooja syncs with the cloud, undoubtedly easy to use with countless configurations. It covers Billing, Inventory management, Menu, Discounts-tax, reporting, and role management.

5. HDRestaurant

HDRestaurant is the ultimate restaurant software that increases revenue, streamline business operations with a point of sale platform.

HDRestaurant fascinates automated POS software for restaurants, coffee shops, Food on truck, and other outlets. It offers Table management, hall management, takeaways, deliveries, kitchen toker orders, along with effortless recipe management.

6. Chefdesk

Chefdesk provides cloud POS solutions which can be accessible from anywhere without any location concerns. Chefdesk identifies and suits your business whether for standalone and multi-store business chains. 

Chefdesk analyzes the business operations for managing sales and inventory within a single application with fewer hurdles.

7. POSitouch

POSitouch is a perfect solution for restaurants, bars which offers a premium software suite with the features and functionalities that collaborates with restaurants of all sizes, from independent locations to the biggest national chains. 

POSitouch built with latest cutting-edge technology, ability to customize a solution to exactly fulfill your restaurant business needs. It has also achieved awards in the industry’s highest recognizations for maintaining client satisfaction ratings.

In nutshell, if you are hotelier and planning to implement one of the best management software then you should give the above mentioned list a try. Or you can take help of one hotel management industry specialist that guides you for surpassing your business objective with an efficacious set of actions.

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